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Operational Ideas:
Operational Ideas: Innovation, Quality, Integrity, Service; Unity, High-Efficiency, Enthusiasm and Devotion.
Working Ideas:
We are making progress by 1% every day, and we are happy and working.
Service Ideas:
We try our best to rapidly improve the services systems, all staff with strong passion have the negligible things done meticulously, and establish our work target of helping customers achieve success, and make joint efforts to have customers moved, and enhance the satisfaction of customers all the time.
Our success is based on: To emphasize on the results, undertake the responsibility to powerfully implement, orient customers, inspire the innovation, frankly and sincerely communicate, fairly compete with others, to achieve our mission and realize our prospect and target, we must firmly believe in the company values to realize self-value.
Cultural Ideas:
Persevering in the Principles of Human Resource As Essence, Fairness and Justice, Mutual Help and Mutual Trust. To Make Colleagues Feel Be Trusted, and To Inspire the Intelligence of Staff.
To Advocate: I respect and I am Happy, I act and I achieve.
Three Kinds of Main Spirits:
Adaptability: To bravely face the ambiguous situations; to have the innovative spirits; to win the victory with wisdom in severe competition.
Aggressiveness: To have the sense of urgency; to do something with determination and confidence; to encourage the spirit of adventure.
Responsibility: To determine the clear direction; to have strict requirements for jobs; to strive for making excellent achievements.
Quality Ideas:
All staff establish the philosophy that quality is life, and the company development and individual progress shall be constantly improved to satisfy the customers.

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